For as many years as folks can remember, there was a large piece of property adjacent to the St. Johnís Parish House on which two decrepit single wide trailers stood. Then, in 2002 those trailers were removed and St. Johnís was able to purchase the land.  Very soon thereafter, discussion began to focus on the use of that space for a Memorial Garden, so a committee was formed to study this issue.  

Over the next several years the committee visited other churches that had the means to inter remains and interest evolved in having a columbarium rather than just a memorial garden.  

In 2006, Peyton Foster, an architect, moved to Marion and joined St. Johnís.  He drew up several scenarios incorporating the steep roof used on the church building, and the parish became committed to making this happen.  Due to the volunteer design work as well as Peyton and R. S. Forbes assuming the majority of the construction, the project was completed in 2010.

St. Johnís columbarium is composed of three areas:  the wall that currently houses 70 niches, each having capacity for two urns.  This space can house an additional 70 niches for future need.

The in ground area with 33 granite markers also can be doubled for future need, and the common in ground area with a plaque for the names of those in this space has no limitation on capacity.  The fee schedule is based on the area being purchased and a fund is established to provide perpetual care.

There are walkways and seating areas where loved ones can meditate and pray.

The Columbarium/Memorial Garden is primarily for members of St. Johnís, but other special considerations may be made.  

If interested, contact us:  828-652-4114

In 2013 a labyrinth memorial fund was established for Milton Huffman.  The labyrinth was designed by architect Peyton Foster and was completed in 2017.  It is located in the area south of the Parish Hall near the Columbarium and is accessible at all times for meditation and prayer.